June 28, 2013 God Trumps satan

God will guard you from the evil one

What do I do when Satan attacks?

1 Peter 5:8-9

1 Peter 5:8-9

Be careful! Watch out for attacks from the Devil, your great enemy. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for some victim to devour. Take a firm stand against him, and be strong in your faith. Remember that your Christian brothers and sisters all over the world are going through the same kind of suffering you are.

1 Peter 5:8-9 NLT

So humble yourselves before God. Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you. Draw close to God, and God will draw close to you.

James 4:7-8 NLT 

Not the real thing


Wickedness, when you examine it, turns out to be the pursuit of some good in the wrong way. You can be good for the mere sake of goodness; you cannot be bad for the mere sake of badness. You can do a kind action when you are not feeling kind and when it gives you no pleasure, simply because kindness is right; but no one ever did a cruel action simply because cruelty was wrong — only because cruelty was pleasant or useful to him. In other words, badness cannot succeed even in being bad in the same way in which goodness is good. Goodness is, so to speak, itself; badness is only spoiled goodness.…Evil is a parasite, not an original thing.

C. S. Lewis in Mere Christianity
Quoted in The Quotable Lewis edited by Wayne Martindale and Jerry Root (Tyndale) p 193



June 26, 2013
The Unexpected
Numbers 23:27–24:25

King Balak flew into a rage against Balaam. He angrily clapped his hands and shouted, “I called you to curse my enemies! Instead, you have blessed them three times. Now get out of here! Go back home! I promised to reward you richly, but the LORD has kept you from your reward.”

Balaam told Balak, “Don’t you remember what I told your messengers? I said, ‘Even if Balak were to give me his palace filled with silver and gold, I would be powerless to do anything against the will of the LORD.’ I told you that I could say only what the LORD says! Now I am returning to my own people. But first let me tell you what the Israelites will do to your people in the future.”

This is the message Balaam delivered: “This is the message of Balaam son of Beor, the message of the man whose eyes see clearly, the message of one who hears the words of God, who has knowledge from the Most High, who sees a vision from the Almighty, who bows down with eyes wide open:

“I see him, but not here and now. I perceive him, but far in the distant future. A star will rise from Jacob; a scepter will emerge from Israel. It will crush the foreheads of Moab’s people, cracking the skulls of the people of Sheth.

“Edom will be taken over, and Seir, its enemy, will be conquered, while Israel marches on in triumph.

“A ruler will rise in Jacob who will destroy the survivors of Ir.” (Numbers 24:10-19)


The star out of Jacob is often thought to refer to the coming Messiah. This is possibly the prophecy that convinced the Magi to travel to Israel to search for the baby Jesus (see Matthew 2:1-2). For God to use a sorcerer like Balaam to foretell the coming of the Messiah is strange, but this shows that God can use anything or anyone to accomplish his plans. By using a sorcerer, God did not make sorcery acceptable; in fact, the Bible condemns it in several places (Exodus 22:18; 2 Chronicles 33:6; Revelation 18:23). Rather, God shows his ultimate sovereignty over good and evil.

Although Balaam had greedy motives, he acted with integrity in blessing Israel. God’s message had so filled him that Balaam spoke the truth. In so doing, he forfeited the reward that had lured him to speak in the first place.


Staying true to God’s Word may cost us promotions and advantages in the short term, but those who choose God over money will one day acquire heavenly wealth beyond measure (Matthew 6:19-21). What has staying true to God’s Word cost you? Ask God to give you the strength to remain faithful, regardless of the cost