AUTHOR’S COMMENTARY:   This is a cherished childhood memory of mine growing up watching the show “Mr. Ed” which starred Alan Young as Mr. Ed’s owner.  I had a Palomino named “White Lightning” as a child and he was smart as a whip.  White Lightning had a girlfriend down the country road on which we lived he would go visit just when ever he pleased.  He never asked permission mind you and this called for many of my Mom saying, “Debbie get in the car.  White Lightning has jumped the fence again!”  He would literally play hide and seek with my Mom when we were hot on his trail to see his girlfriend.  Mom would try and not laugh but I could see the corners of her mouth curl up while trying to subdue her laughter.  She tried to be angry with White Lightning but never could be.  He was one of few things in this world that gave her some comical relief in a hard life.  So, yeah, this is one of few cherished childhood memories I have!!  This show and others I have passed on to my children!  It was a family heirloom if you will for my family to know that television “had” some values of clean comical relief back in the day.  They truly appreciate the history and the actors of these shows and have stated they will share them with their families.  Mission accomplished!  So, thank you, Alan Young and so many others who have brought joyous and laughter into our lives over the years and beyond.  Your works shall be carried on to other generations.  Rest in peace my friend!

Mister Ed S1 The First Meeting : Season 1, Episode 1