I think why has America turned from God?

Jude 14-15; Joel 3:14; Isa.26:21-27:1 Rev. 19:11-21


A new day is born.  I look to the sky and my heart is torn.

I think why has America turned from God?

Our freedoms and liberties wash away into the sea like grains of sand.

“Where are my people who use to take a stand?” echoes in my spirit from Father above.

My arms reach to the heavenlies for God to send my spirit peace on the wings of a Dove.

I think why has America turned from God?

My soul moans for Christ’s Return.  His bright and glorious face shines a thousand times that of the sun.

I imagine walking on the beach and suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder as if to say: “My child I am here with you this and every day.  Let not your heart be in dismay. For you know I am never far away!”

Again I hear: “Let your heart of clay be formed to mine that will carry my love for all time.”

I think why has America turned from God?

Corruption and sin are found thru out the land.  Darkness crouches in corners and alley ways to seek its’ next victim.

Church where is your salt and light Christ said to proclaim on mountain tops?  Why oh why have you left your first love, Jesus Christ?

Prosperity and wealth is gotten by those in charge fulfilling their roles of taskmasters off the backs of obedient citizenry.

I think why has America turned from God?

A hand on my shoulder calms my spirit to say:  “My child the day is here when not only my children must choose who they serve but those who walk in total darkness of this world.  My Bride is asleep and must wake before it is to late.  The table is set for My Wedding and the Consummation with My Bride!”  Once the Bride enters the Groom’s chamber and the door is shut it will be to late.  The great deception has begun and My Bride the Church has not fulfilled the Great Commission to gather in the harvest of souls for My Father’s Kingdom.  WHY?  My blood I did shed for the redemption of mankind’s sins of this world.  Each will give an account for their time on earth and how it was spent.  My Child your anguish I carry for you and give you peace and strength.  Nor shall any come against you as walk in my light and hear my voice.  Those who come against you lift not your voice or hand for they will be witness to their own words and doings.  Go forth share my love and My Word for Father God.  Let not your heart be troubled for “I have overcome the world!”

I look to the sky and a new day is born with hope and love in Christ’s strength as I go His way.  A new zeal He gives my spirit to stand and go forth to see His glorious appearing at His Second Coming!  At the door He stands to enter and victory proclaim:  King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Faithful and True is His name.  (Rev. 19:11-21)

I think America must repent and turn from her sins and call upon Christ in humbleness and humility confessing our sins and seek forgiveness.  This warning is real and the words are true.  As always be a Berean and seek Jesus in all matters and revelation for the interpretation according to His Word and not mine.

~~America your clock has struck midnight~~

3 thoughts on “I think why has America turned from God?

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  2. Ron says:

    (What Happened To America?) What has happened to the country that was created by God, and built by our Forefathers? What has happened to the Godly Principals in which our country was founded and has stood for, for over two hundred years. God Himself has got to be heartbroken by what He sees going on these days! I believe in the Holy Bible and everything it stands for. I also believe that God meant for everyone that is able, to work for the American dream, not expect it for free! We have so many people living here today that want to do away with everything we hold dear to our hearts. Such as the Holy Bible, Our pledge of Alligence, Prayer in school and before sporting events. What will be next? No more churches services unless you go to a non-Christian building. No more flying Old Glory I public view, no more freedom of assembly, no more freedom of speech, no more worshipping God and praying to Him for His Blessings! I could go on but, you get my point! Pretty soon you won’t be allowed to place an American flag on the grave site of an American hero that gave his or her life defending your freedom. Or sing the Star-Spangled Banner ever again! Well America, I say if anyone that does not like our God, and our freedom and our Christian way of life, they are free to leave anytime! After all this is our country, if we want to Pray in public we can, and if we want to say Merry Christmas we can. This is still America and I believe that all of us true Bible believing Americans should stand together and reclaim what is ours! GOD BLESS AMERICA FOREVER!!! God bless President Trump with four more years! SEMPER FIDELIS FOREVER!

    • ladyinwaiting2012 says:

      I appreciate your forth rightness and thank you for your service! God is always SEMPER FIDELIS FOREVER! “This We’ll Defend” our freedoms, liberities and love of God til the end!! Amen.


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